Mag Electric Corporation, a manufacturer of current and voltage instrument transformers, was founded in 1973.

MAG Electric manufacturing plant is located in ‘AlborzIndustrialCity’, 120 km west of Tehran.
The production of the low voltage current transformers was started with the cooperation and license of Messwandler GmbH (MWB) of Germany, a world leader in manufacturing instrument transformers.
Mag electric low voltage current transformers are manufactured in the most applicable models with full compliance to the international Electro-Technic Commission code (IEC60044-1, IEC60044-2) and version Deutscher Electrotechniker (VDE0414) of Germany.
The success of our products and the resulting expansion of our production line have resulted in continual customer satisfaction over more than four decades. As part of the company’s expansion plans, the production of medium voltage (MV) instrument transformers was started under SIEMENS, Germany’s supervision and manufacturing license.
Mag Electric has received the Quality certificate for its MV transformers from the German institute I.P.H in 1995 and renewed it for a wide range of new and old products in 2005, which are manufactured by international standards. Mag Electric has also been accredited for laboratory competence by the Iranian Industrial Research & Standards Institute.
Other certificates of Mag Electric Corp. include Type Test Certificate from KEMA, CE and S-mark from SEMKO, Certificate of quality for domestic standard from the Iranian Industrial Research & Standards Institute, National quality control award in 2005, and provincial production award in 2003, ISO 9001 from IMQ, and also a member of IQNet.
By increasing its production capacity, Mag Electric has been able to respond to the highly growing demand in the domestic and international markets over the past decade. To achieve our best customer satisfaction, our R&D section has designed several new models to constantly address our valued customers `needs requirements.
With the extensive experience and expertise of the MAG ELECTRIC management team, especially Mr. Kian Haeri, Vice president and director of the LV department, and Mr. Mohammad-reza Mir Mohammad-Sadegh, director of the MV department, Mag Electric has become a well-respected and reputable company in Iran.
We take pleasure in offering this brochure to our dear customers, covering our latest product range of instrument transformers to facilitate their selection of required models and technical specifications.


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