Founded in 1973 by Mr. Mohsen Farjadrad, Mag Electric Corporation specializes in producing current and voltage instrument transformers. Their manufacturing facility is situated in Alborz Industrial City, roughly 120 km west of Tehran. The company initiated its journey in low voltage current transformer production under a cooperative agreement and license from Messwandler GmbH (MWB) of Germany, a leader in this field.

Adhering strictly to international standards, Mag Electric’s low voltage current transformers are crafted in various models, conforming to the International Electro-Technic Commission codes (IEC60044-1, IEC60044-2) and the German standard VDE0414. Recognizing the success and customer satisfaction garnered over four decades, the company expanded to include medium voltage (MV) instrument transformers, developed under the supervision and license of SIEMENS, Germany.

In 1995, Mag Electric earned the Quality certificate for its MV transformers from the German institute I.P.H and renewed this certification in 2005 for a broader range of products. The company also boasts laboratory competence accreditation from the Iranian Industrial Research & Standards Institute.

Mag Electric has acquired several prestigious certifications, including the Type Test Certificate from KEMA, CE and S-mark from SEMKO, a domestic standard quality certificate from the Iranian Industrial Research & Standards Institute, the National quality control award in 2005, the provincial production award in 2003, ISO 9001 from IMQ, and membership in IQNet.

In response to growing domestic and international demand, Mag Electric has significantly increased its production capacity over the past decade. The company’s R&D department continuously designs new models to meet customer needs and preferences.

Under the skilled leadership of Mr. Kian Haeri, Vice President and Director of the LV department, and Mr. Mohammad-reza Mir Mohammad-Sadegh, Director of the MV department, Mag Electric has established itself as a respected and reputable entity in Iran.

This brochure is an offering to our valued customers, showcasing the latest range of instrument transformers and providing detailed information to aid in the selection of models and technical specifications.


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