During more than 50 years of its activity, Mag Electric Company has successfully succeeded in obtaining the satisfaction of its customers as a result of product quality, good service, and the development of production lines.
As part of Mag Electric Company’s development plans; the Production of various current and medium voltage transformers up to 36 kV began with the cooperation and license of the German company Siemens.

According to international standards from the independent and approved German company I.P.H, Mag Electric Company has received the quality certificate for its medium voltage transformers products. The company has also obtained laboratory approval from the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research.
Other approvals and certificates of Mag Electric Company products, including type test certificates from reputable international organizations such as KEMA; CE and S-mark from SEMKO, the standard seal of encouragement from Iran Institute of Standards and Industrial Research, ISO9001 certificate in quality management from IMQ International Company and membership in IQNet quality network.

With increasing production capacity, Mag Electric has been responding to the growing demand of domestic and foreign markets in recent decades. To achieve customer satisfaction, the research and development department has designed several new and special models in the medium and low-pressure sectors based on the demand of its customers.